Taking Stock and Kicking B**t

Hmmmnn, it’s January 1st, 2010,   I should be sharing some of my resolutions here in this space.  I actually did the non-social media thing and wrote them down in my journal by hand with an actual pen earlier today.  I don’t really like to refer to my lists as resolutions, because those sound like things people resolve to do for a few months to satisfy their GUILT feelings and then they drop off from their behavior patterns.  I like to use the end of a calendar year to take stock in what worked and what didn’t and to re-tool my focus for the next year.  My year has never been focused on the calendar year anyway.  Spent 15 years living life in terms of P&G’s fiscal year of July-June and then later when I had kids who were of school age, I started tracking the year as a September-May deal- love those summer “vacations”!

2009 was a fantastic year for me personally and I find myself poised on the cusp of a new year with even greater opportunities.  I am incredibly thankful for the wonderful journey that began last January that put me on a path with the most incredible people I have met in a very long while.  I look forward to continued relationships with all of them and I see some great partnerships emerging in my work world.

Sometimes there is a feeling of loss and uncertainty when we raise our glass to toast the new year; afraid to let go of  the one that is ending.  I can tell you that I raised my glass with a smile and the knowledge that I am going to kick butt in 2010, won’t you join me?

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