Brrr…the temps have dropped and we finally received a little of the white stuff to grace our steeples and grounds.  The Christmas season has been a great time for me to unplug, unwind and re-connect in real space and time with family and friends.  I have managed to be on lock down for  Twitter for 48 hours+  now and even ignored the urge to check trending topics for the real deal on the  Christmas Day Terrorist Bombing Attempt. Instead, waited for the good old fashioned Cincinnati Enquirer to deliver the scoop to me.  I turned my Droid off at night and haven’t blogged on this site in a long while.  I have kept up with my poetry here and my personal Facebook Page in which livelyconversations have been playing out on my wall on the most obscure topics and minutia of my life.  For example this status update garnered 15 responses:

Really going retro and getting into watching classic movies and crocheting by the fire.

Or the post about what I was going to serve for Christmas Eve dinner- it saw over 20 responses:

Christmas Eve Tradition: Seafood Gumbo served over rice, Mixed Salad Greens with Craisens, Gorgonzola & pecans with Vinaigrette; home-made Brioche rolls & Rum Cake. Kids open one present- one more year and we start the midnight mass tradition. Gumbo has Andouille sausage, oysters, shrimp, chicken & of course, File.

What I like about Facebook is the community aspect that surrounds posts.  People jump in and comment and then have side conversations with each other on your wall- it become a free- for- all- word- fest.  I have friends from a wide walk of life, diverse in their backgrounds, experiences and decades in which we met and interacted in RL.  It is very cool to see how my friends who do not know each other, come together on my wall and end up FB friends themselves.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking of nosing around my page and being a voyeur of the conversations there, I gotta tell you that I am a strategic chick.  After all, my business is founded around the idea of Strategic Marketing Practices.  So, that being said I have a strategy for every piece of social media that I use.  I have two Facebook sites:  Personal FB Page for close friends and relatives and a C3 Business Page (otherwise known as a Fan Page) for professional friends and well, Fans of C3.  I keep my personal page pretty locked down, which sometimes proves difficult with the myriad of changes FB makes to their privacy policy, seemingly every couple of weeks!

Try searching me and you should only find my profile pic- no friends, no info, no albums of pics.  My groups were also blocked to search, but I think FB’s most recent changes make that an impossibility now as it is deemed public information.  So a warning to the wise- if you belong to a Voodoo Cult or something that your employer may wonder about, you might want to X it out.  Unless of course, you are steering your ship with complete transparency and authenticity.

Hmmn, didn’t mean to rant on about Facebook, but hey I go where my muse takes me!  Next post or so will be on my reflections of the past decade or maybe not…….

Seize the day, enjoy the outdoors, touch someone in real time!

Pics from my RL social experiences this holiday season:

Social Media Holiday Happy Hour
Social Media Holiday Happy Hour
Christmas Eve 2009
Christmas Eve
Old Friends Reuniting for Christmas!
Spending the Holidays With Friends Deep in the Woods of New Richmond, Oh.

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