Snow Fall Builds Virtual Community

First Snow Fall in Cincinnati
First Snow Fall in Cincinnati

Second post in under 12 hours is a new record- don’t get used to it!!  Lol- just wanted to dash off something quickly.  Cincinnati received it’s first snow fall this morning just in time for the morning commute.  There is something magical about seeing still-twinkling Christmas lights off-set by lightly falling snow flakes.  What an awesome way to begin a new week.  Ok, where’s the social media plug??  Well I haven’t even logged into Tweetdeck yet, but I was delighted to see all of the Facebook postings (many were feeds from Twitter) talking about the first snow fall; warning folks of slippery roads; and posting pictures of the falling water crystals.  In that moment, I truly felt the sense of community that we have in this city.

Welcome December, Welcome Friendships, Welcome Christmas…..


2 thoughts on “Snow Fall Builds Virtual Community”

  1. You’ll want to follow the #snOMG hashtag on Twitter. It first came out in March, when we had the major snowstorm. It was used yesterday because of the shock many had in having to drive during rush hour through the first snow of the season.

    Yesterday will be nothing compared to our annual freezing rain storm come February.

  2. Given the weather today, it looks like we should brace ourselves for an interesting season! Daniel, here’s a question I bet a lot of novice Tweeters have: where do folks find the various hashtags like these; is there a hashtag directory somewhere? I personally use the tags for events & conference (i.e.#newmediacincy), but am amazed at all of the data collecting that occurs on just about everything. Is someone, somewhere tabulating all of this info???? (Just a cursory glance at the #s currently appearing in my stream: #gaming, #fail, #quote, #CantHandleThe Truth…..)

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