Droid Update #2: Hanging at the CSO

Droid Update- moving into week 2:

Still loving my Android but I have to say that I was quite spoiled with the level of sophistication of the Twitter and Facebook apps I was using on my iTouch.  Tweetie was wonderful and the iTwitter for androids seems to black out in the middle of usage every once in a while.  Also having issues with the android Skye app- it seems to stop working occasionally as well.  It only allows for chatting via text, no voice over IP capabilities at all.  I love being able to talk to international friends on my iTouch via headset with mic for free whenever Wi-Fi is available.  Spent many conversations on the hammock in my back yard using Skype and getting a tan at the same time.  See what Chris Brogan had to say about Droid HERE.

Will say that being a Smart Phone-enabled chick is causing me to be addicted to social media even more.  Was  soooo tempted to check my notifications and tweet a bit last night during a wonderful performance at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, but was surrounded by many seniors in their late 70’s and 80’s and thought better of it.  Not sure if it was our location- had some of the best seats on the floor, or whether this is a marketing issue for the CSO, but I really didn’t see any younger people around at all.  They really need to address this issue.  This year the CSO  eked into the black with higher attendance, but 2008 took a big hit. Just saying……

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra featuring Pianist Ingrid Fliter.
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra featuring Pianist Ingrid Fliter

2 thoughts on “Droid Update #2: Hanging at the CSO”

  1. While the voip option for the skype app doesn’t seem to work very well I think its fair to mention that the app does give you the ability to dial a toll free number in order to make skype to skype calls.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Skype-2-Skype call functionality from the Droid app. Love using this from my pc with web-cam.

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