The Quest for Transparency vs. Paranoia

Pondering the issue of transparency vs. privacy this morning.

Locking away our lives B.G (Before Google)

Posted two back-to-back links concerning Google on the C3 Facebook Fan Page this morning: one on Google Street View’s ability to show the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the second on the new Google Dictionary. As I posted these, I was reminded of my feelings this week as I set up my new Google Calendars. (Previously used Palm Pilot.)

I experienced a feeling of uneasiness as I added the minutia of my month to the screen. Couldn’t help but feel as though someone out there in Web-world, perhaps buried deep in Room 604 of the Google Laboratory, is going to have access to the ways I spend my days. Yes, I know this smacks of Big Brother, but I can’t help that forboding feeling as more and more of my life is becoming accessible outside of the four walls of my office. Although I did not make my calendars public (glad for this option), I still assume that someone, somewhere will have access to them.

I realize that this sounds strange and possibly a bit paranoid coming from a person who has voluntarily immersed herself into the social media marketing strategy world, but perhaps how I spend my time is the last bastion to my privacy and non-transparency. Growing up in a military intelligence household just makes me want to hold onto my privacy even more; at the very least the inner core of my personal brand.  In the end, do you really want to know when my racquetball match starts?   I think not.


2 thoughts on “The Quest for Transparency vs. Paranoia”

    1. Daniel, you are an excellent example of a person who has embraced social media in every aspect of your life and you truly define what transparency is all about. It is an honor to have you as a mentor and a friend.

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