Getting to Know the Motorola DROID

First off,  apologies for the lack of blogging.  Vacation in my mind truly means vacation, so I have been enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  Not to say that I wasn’t tempted to spill my guts in the middle of the night surrounded by the nocturnal sounds of a busy hotel in a highly populated city, but I kept my promise of checking out of social media for the most part.

“…the most part.”  That little caveat is the subject of my post today.  I purchased the eagerly anticipated Motorola DROID on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The DROID has  a Google platform and was released on November 6th, 2009.  Didn’t get it before because I knew that I would have little time to delve into it’s dark recesses or surf for just the right apps to make it incredibly useful.  A road trip to a distant city was the perfect formula for playing with,  I mean testing the phone. Read the Engadget DROID Review here:

My first reactions are as follows:

  • It’s BIG (especially if you saw the very cool LG-VX8700 I have been sporting for the past two years that is the size of a credit card and has such a metallic sheen that it doubles as a compact mirror)
  • It’s bulky- won’t fit in my jeans pocket
  • It’s a smart phone, so very cool to have portable PC capabilities
  • The Alert sound that it was automatically set to is this creepy R2D2 type android voice that says “DROID!” rather loudly.  Scared the bejeebus out of me in the hotel.  Have since learned to turn the phone OFF at night.
  • Apps- plenty of decent apps;  although I love Apple’s much wider variety
  • Touch Screen and full Querty Keyboard
  • Voice Navigation utilizing Google Maps is awesome
  • Music- no iTunes, but can download MP3s and I’m digging the Pandora app (Ryan Adams station- yeah!)
  • Phone capabilities- I miss that intimate experience of having a clam shell design with the speaker nestled on top of your ear and the mic precisely at my mouth point.  People say I come off as distant and the sound quality on my end doesn’t seem as clear either.

Also missing the One Touch numbers (maybe I just haven’t found this yet – NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL INCLUDED!!!), but I absolutely LOVE the Contacts integration with my Facebook Friends.  Very cool to have everyone’s contact info in one place!  The FB profile pic automatically loads as the avatar in my phone contact list as well.  Love seeing who is calling me.

So to summarize thus far:  Happy to have the DROID- I find it much better than a Blackberry.  Would have loved the iPhone, but I’m tied to Verizon; although many friends with iPhones complain about the incessant dropped calls.  That would drive me crazy.  I do miss my sleek cell phone, but the reality is that most of my “conversations” are on social media platforms and my actual “talking” time is relegated to serious business conversations only.  I am immersed in a social media world:  it is my life, my business and where my friends hang out.  Glad to be fully entrenched in a 24/7, no Wi-Fi needed world.

Will let you know if the love is still there in a couple of months!


My Old Mobile Phone
Motorola Droid Smart Phone

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know the Motorola DROID”

    1. Steve,

      Glad you found the post useful. I’m still discovering more capabilities for the Droid. Lots of great tutorial vids out there on YouTube.

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