Social Media Overload? Must be a New Moon

Social Media

More on the topic of social media in my everyday life:  Went to a movie tonight with a friend and a car load of girls (six to be exact) to see an incredibly hyped film based on an insanely popular series of books.  The movie was New Moon and there were gasps and sighs in the audience every time the two main male characters, Edward & Jacob, appeared.

So where does social media come in?  Was talking to my friend (who for the record is happily married and did not swoon over Edward and Jacob) about Twitter and how I chronicle my local travels by Twitpic-ing unusual shots.  We got to talking about my business and social media in general.  She commented that she was under pressure to create a Facebook Page, but just didn’t feel like having to deal with keeping up the conversations.  She asked me how I handle FB and I let her in on the knowledge that I am handling a lot more than a FB page.  Made me think of all the social media sites that I am personally using on a mostly daily basis:

Still need to set up:

I also write in my Gratitude Journal every day and try to crank out a couple of blog posts a week.  Keeping up with all of this in addition to doing work for clients keeps me more than busy.  I have to admit that there are days when the 6th Google Alert set to “social media” hits my inbox and becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  I just want to scream “no more social media!”.  Good thing no one can hear the roar inside my brain as I have a virtual conversation with myself in real time.  These are the rare times when I unplug and join the BG (Before Google) world and just ‘chillax’.

Have a good platform to recommend?  Lay it on me!


google wave, social media, new moon
Catch the Wave, I did!!

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