Melt Monday


Fall is in the air, sharp and crisp, as I maneuver my way down Hamilton Avenue in the heart of Northside.  The sun is shining, the sky above is a deep shade of azure and completely cloudless.  I am multi-tasking of course; trying to find the hip lunch spot Melt, looking for building numbers to determine whether to devote my gaze to the left or right and helping a friend with a serious personal problem via mobile.  A loud horn breaks my concentration, just enough to see a parking lot with an artistic onyx metal gate surrounding it just up to my right.  Still not quite sure where I am, I decide that parking and walking would probably be preferable to the locals honking their distate for my seemingly snail-like pace on the main drag.  I figure if the locals can exist here without a car, then the walk can’t be that bad.  As luck would have it (hmmn, did you know that I am partially psychic??), the lot was directly across the street from Melt.

Phone stilled glued to my ear, I remove my briefcase from the car and commence to cross the street where I am about to meet someone who quite possibly could change my life.  What does this have to do with my promise to blog about social media in my life- a kind of spill your guts-social media raw pathway?  Well, this Melt meeting was the exact example of social media done right.

Social Media is all about the conversation: an ongoing conversation where relationships are born and growth occurs through learning, friendships, business deals, connections.  The power comes when these virtual relationships come off-line and into the leaf-strewn fall winds of our lives.  Melt Monday brought two people together in the act of collaborating for the common good, who had never met before.  What they had accomplished, was to belong to a greater virtual community on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, where ideas had been shared and thoughts of future projects began to brew in the upstairs rooms of their psyches.

The previous virtual relationship allowed us to jump right in as if we had known each other for years, because in fact we already knew some of the background narratives.  We spent about 3 hours over lunch at Melt and had coffee in a back tree-lined patio at Sidewinder discussing our synchronicities and plotting to take over the Cincinnati Social Media scene.  Joking aside, we talked about how we could add to the vibrant social media community in Cincinnati and bring in some new ideas/projects that are working well in other parts of the country. (More to come on this in the future.)

In true social media fashion, I had the waitress at Melt capture our image for posterity and sent it on it’s mobile way to Facebook.  Six months ago I met George Williams from New Orleans, Louisiana as a stranger on Twitter,  last Monday afternoon I left Northside with a big hug from George Williams, my very good friend.  Stay posted on what we cook up next- and you can take that quite literally!!

Michelle & George: Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Note:  George’s Blog is Social Gumbo– check him out!


12 thoughts on “Melt Monday”

  1. Very cool. I feel privileged that you made it over to this side of town. Looking forward to hearing good things. George brings a lot of expertise we have yet to tap. I’m grateful we have him with us in Cincinnati.

  2. I like the name of the Restaurant. I’m also excited to hear what’s being stoked:) All this Social Media is so very awesome. Social Gumbo sounds familiar – I’ll go their next. Quick glance proves his blog is going to be very interesting. Thanks for taking time to share your passion Michelle.

  3. This sounds great and oh so familiar. I recently met @erinswing in person for the first time yet I felt like I already knew her through twitter. Even more ironic is that she sells her GF baked goods there at Sidewinder! I can tell you from our meeting that woman makes the best Eclair that I have ever had and the best part is that it was Gluten Free!

    I can’t wait to see what you guys are “cooking” up, hopefully food is part of it?

    1. Christina- your comment about Erin and her eclairs at Sidewinder is a perfect example of the reduced degrees of separation that exist in Cincy. Thanks for sharing that story! And yes, food is in the works. George and I share a common family/culinary background that is rare to find here in Cincy, so I’m looking forward to what transpires on that end as well.

  4. Now you see, thats what I get for lagging. I’m in the middle of a post on this very subject when I see yours scroll across my Facebook feed.

    Time for a rewrite.

  5. George, I just beat you to the punch because my Women Writing For (a) Change group was canceled this morning and it opened up a window of time for me to share this story. Still haven’t completed the chapter for the Social Media Book I told you about. Procrastination…….

  6. Hmmm….looks we have another potential Michelle Beckham-Corbin brain stew coming. They are always interesting. Can’t wait to see what flavor this idea turns out to be.

    BTW, was that enough food puns in a short amount of space?

    1. Seems like my mind is always stewing; must be that the neurons are firing across the synapses of my brain in a strategic thinking kind of way. I’m a big picture meets anally-detail-oriented kind of a person. Makes for an interesting conversation!

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