The Evolution of Community: Welcome to the Revolution!


Pondering the question that Daniel Johnson Jr., founder of  New Media Cincinnati (NMC), posed to the group at the recent Second Saturday Event on 11/14/09.  The question was:  “How Have We Changed In 2009?”  At first blush, this seems like a vague and all-encompassing question, but what Dan was really trying to get at  was the level of impact Social Media and participation in NMC had to play on our personal evolution for the year.

In response to the question we discovered that many in the group had begun Twitter accounts; started a Blog; created a Facebook Fan page and/or had started a business that involved the use of Social Media in 2009.  There were about a baker’s dozen of the 60 in attendance who had parlayed their knowledge of social media into speaking gigs across the Tri-State and several who had begun Social/Digital Media businesses or were hired this year as  Social Media Directors for another company.

Check out the Live Stream of the event HERE and listen in as people share the impact that being part of this group has made on their personal and professional lives.

My personal take on the question is that 2009 brought huge evolutionary changes to my life.  I had been dabbling in social media on a personal level since 2005, the year that I began my novel Dreamscape which deals with the use of MMORPGs; addiction to the internet;  the use of hidden identities;  and the impact of on-line predators.  I did a lot of research on the social media tools that teens and young adults were heavily into and received a good education on the virtual landscape.  It wasn’t until late 2008/early 2009 that I began to incorporate digital & social media tools into the marketing work that I was doing and April of 2009 when I launched my own Consulting Firm:  C3: Creating Connections Consulting.  Throughout the launch,  I had the pleasure and privilege of having some of Cincinnati’s brightest and best to be my mentors.  I have found this group to be a wonderful community that believes in sharing, cooperation and most importantly:  friendship.  While many people embody all of these characteristics, I have to say that Daniel Johnson Jr. stands out as a person who selflessly gives of his knowledge and expertise over and over to everyone.  As organizer of NMC, he has created the proverbial water cooler experience that brings people from different walks of life together to learn, share and grow from their experiences with one another.  It is truly a beautiful space to gather in whether we are doing so virtually through the NMC hashtag on Twitter, LinkedIn Group, Facebook Group Page or live on U-Stream at the Pub. (Side note:  with roughly 45-60 members in attendance each month, the marketing folks among us should nudge the Pub to bring on the drink/app specials.  Power in numbers people!!)

Second Saturday Event at the Pub

If you have a story that you would like to share about Daniel assisting you in any way in the Social Media realm or having an impact upon you due to the content that he puts out on his many sites (blogs, podcasts, notes, etc.), then please drop me a comment.  Would love to see the picture that all of your responses paint of the man behind the cityscape of  New Media Cincinnati.


3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Community: Welcome to the Revolution!”

  1. Daniel helped me do a social media press release for Foster Care Awareness Month. He introduced me to another guy my age in New Media with a common bond — both of our wifes are multiple-time cancer survivors. He hooked me up with another fellow, who helped show me about video editing. These are just three examples that leap into my mind. I’m sure there are more. He’s a selfless individual who really cares about our community. I pray that he finds a great social media job. He deserves one!

    1. Thanks Ann & Mike for the comments. Mike, those three examples of Daniel’s selflessness are huge and just the tip of the iceberg as you mention. Can’t wait to see how he has touched other lives as he has yours.

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