Do You Really Know Who Your Friends Are?

Facebook Fancheck
Facebook # 1 Fans On a Random Date in September of 2009.

Thinking a lot about relationships lately and realizing that ultimately we humans have been making connections with each other in the same meaningful way for a very long time.  What has changed has been the medium through which these relationships have been nurtured and developed.  Today we marvel at how an on-line friendship birthed on Twitter can spawn a great relationship that is further enhanced through in-person contact.  This is no different than the friendships founded on the CB radio waves in the late ’70s when hordes of East Coast teenagers would sit in their fathers’ cars on  driveways chatting away.  Or in the early years of the internet when communities began to spring up around bulletin boards and forums.

So I am not surprised to see what others may call the phenomenon that appeared on my Facebook Wall recently.  Usually not one to succumb to the many “quizzes”, polls, or games that populate the FB News Stream like confetti, I did fall prey to the Fancheck app several months ago.  Being highly analytical in nature, I was curious to see who FB would churn out as my most frequent contributors/stalkers (meaning those silent readers of the Wall).  The final results came in the form of a picture that was automatically posted in the Pic section of my profile.

Very few of the 21 Fans knew each other and actually represented a nice microcosm of friendships from every stage of my life and from across the U.S.  I noted the results and then promptly forgot about it for months until…….I started receiving lots of notification messages that people were commenting on a picture.  I hadn’t posted any pictures recently, so was instantly intrigued.  What I found was that Facebook had recently auto-tagged the 21 folks listed as my #1 Fans, which caused the picture to pop up on their Wall and this led to the new comments.  What happened next is that the friends who were commenting began to have a conversation amongst themselves, creating in essence a stream emanating from this one picture.  I believe there were over 30 comments with Daniel Johnson Jr. mentioning that the stream was publishing more comments than a typical blog post might receive.

I found it to be great fun and just wanted to share that communities can be born organically through social media.  Let’s take a look at some of the conversation, shall we??

(Colors represent different people.)

@Scott, did you ever live in NOLA? George  above moved to Cincy from NOLA recently. And while I’m making connections, Scott used to work on a riverboat that would travel the Ohio to Cincy- not sure where in the south it originated though.

Never lived their but spent a lot of time there during my cruise ship/steamboatin’ days. The company was based in NOLA but we had Ports of Call all along the Mississippi.

@Scott Which one did you work? I was at House of Blues and Hard Rock for many years, I know the routine.

Watching this conversation is kinda awesome. More comments than many blogs I read. Here’s another one.

Nevermind. Just looked at your profile. You’re in New Iberia, eh? Any chance you ever get by the Boudin King in Eunice?

Wow… What a Thread is Goin’… Parlez Vous ? 🙂



6 thoughts on “Do You Really Know Who Your Friends Are?”

  1. Thanks for the insightful post Michelle! I followed your Facebook link to check out the convo among your fans, but I couldn’t find it. Was it on your personal Facebook maybe? I will friend you…


  2. Karen, glad to see you in this space! Yes the conversation above is from my personal page. Will look for you over there. I have a strategy for each type of media that I use and where I direct people that I have just met. To fully explain this would probably take a blog post! Next time we are together, I’ll share my thoughts with you or maybe another post……

  3. It is exactly that sort of spontaneous, organic interaction that makes social media so powerful. It is like the world’s largest cocktail party. The way that relationships spiderweb is fascinating.

    Just wait till lines start crossing between our circle here and my connections back home in NOLA…

    Need to drag you to Rising Tide next year.

    1. Looks like some connections are happening the other way as well, as you are meeting Scott and Shannon who also have ties to Louisiana. What is Rising Tide?

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