The Evolution of Communication

Communication….been contemplating this lately due to a comment that a client made to me recently.  We were discussing social media strategy and his firm’s particular needs and the question came up about my use of mobile devices for accessing social media sites.  This led us to talk about other features of our smart phones, like the original use for which it was constructed:  as a speaking device in which to communicate live with another human being.  He casually mentioned that I must have an unlimited minutes plan due to all the time spent in conversation with my clients.  I sat there for a few minutes trying to mentally conjure up my last phone bill and replied that I was not even close to needing an unlimited voice plan.  He looked at me puzzled and I replied that a lot of my conversations with business partners, vendors, clients, etc.  are made through digital media channels.  I am in constant contact with Twitter, Facebook & email and save the original use of my phone for those times when in-depth discussion is needed prior to a face-to-face meeting.

So I’m guessing that some would consider me quite digitally connected and I would agree, but the full power of the connection is realized when these digital relationships lead to flesh and blood meetings.  Makes things much more interesting when you can look directly into their eyes, don’t you think???


Droid: The Latest Smart Phone to Take on the iPhone

One thought on “The Evolution of Communication”

  1. Barbara Baker (@BarbaraKB) opened my eyes many months ago when she reminded me that the phone remains one of the best social media tools around.

    Having said that, the new social networking tools really have made it easy to connect with one another and forge the relationship ahead as we take them into the real world.

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